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Dr. Bob's Home and Campus

Welcome “BACK” Home

Welcome “Back”  Home



Listed here are some of the changes that will take place

as a result of the Covid-19 protocol. 

These items will apply to all of the houses.

Masks are required for all visitors, volunteers, and employees 

NO Summer Extended hours.  We will be open from noon to 3 PM

Visitors will be limited to 6 at a time in each house and a limit of 2 on the porch

Entry to the houses will be from the front door only, and exit from the back door only

The rest rooms will be closed to the public

Dr Bob & Anne

Dr Bob

Dr Bob

Robert Holbrook Smith was born on August 8th 1879 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. After graduation from Dartmouth College in 1902, he completed his medical training at Rush Medical School in Chicago. While attending college, he became a steady drinker; a situation that progressed until his recovery. In 1915, some 17 years after he had first met her, he married his high school sweetheart Anne Ripley and brought her to Akron. Even though he became a successful surgeon, he continued to struggle with alcoholism. Read More….

Anne Smith

Anne Smith

Anne Ripley Smith was referred to by  Bill Wilson, as “the mother of Alcoholics Anonymous”  She was a woman who possessed a deep faith in God and unwavering love for those who suffer. Anne was born March 3, 1881  in Oak Park, Illinois, and was one of four children. Read More….

Dr. Bob’s Home Campus Tour


Regardless of how we as individuals may be rocketed into a new dimension as we visit here, the physical structure is still held together by screws, wood, and mortar. Necessary and constant upkeep and the ongoing development and the preservation of this site, as for any residential property is understandably quite costly.  Dr. Bob’s Home is funded entirely by the generous support of donors just like you. Please help us sustain and conserve this special place for generations to come.

General support

General support allows Dr. Bob’s to use the money where it is needed most. These gifts help fund general upkeep for the home, as well as purchase and restore artifacts that are displayed in the home.


Renovation and restoration projects

We are currently in Phase 2 of the Home’s renovation and restoration project. We have completed the inside renovations and are now focusing on restoring the exterior to accurately portray the house as it was when Dr. Bob and Anne lived there in the 1930’s


Endowment Fund

Dr. Bob’s has an endowment fund for the Home  so it may be cared for in perpetuity and future generations will be able to see “where it all started.”


Before & After





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Our Mission statement emphasizes preservation, restoration and education.  We are underway in our epic historical restoration with the target completion that is expected to be in the later part of 2016.  This will be called the “second Century Campaign” since the house turned 100 in 2015. Needless to say, a major undertaking such as this requires substantial resources and the budget for this initiative is extensive.  We have secured some modest contributions from individual donors and obtained generous grants from various foundations.  However the aggregate of both is well below what is required.  We need your help so we may complete this vital initiative. 

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