330 864-1935

1939 Akron Beacon Journal Article

For those who are interested in the history of our fellowship, you may have read the March 1, 1941, publication of an article in The Saturday Evening Post written by Jack Alexander.  This article was instrumental in the growth nationwide of our fellowship.

Every year during Founders Day weekend in Akron, our local paper, The Akron Beacon Journal will publish an article about the events of the weekend, our history, and photos of the gravesite or Dr. Bobs home.

On June 9th of 2017, the Akron Beacon Journal reprinted an article which they described it as, the Beacon Journal’s first published account of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939.    This article originally published on October 29, 1939 and was written by Akron journalist Keyes Beech.   To see the 2017 reprint click-here.

The Akron Public Library provided us with a photo-copy of the original article from their archives.  Click-here.