330 864-1935

History of the Home

The small, arts and crafts house tucked away on a quiet street in Akron, Ohio was to become the life-long home of Dr. Bob Smith and his wife, Anne Ripley Smith. Built in 1915, the house was where Dr. Smith brought his bride in 1916; and where they lived for the next 34 years until their deaths:  Anne in 1949 and Dr. Bob in 1950. steps-old-bwIt was here, in this humble home, that Dr. Smith was to take his incredible journey through the twelve steps and into history as the Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was in this house and surrounding neighborhood where the miracle of recovery began for many hundreds of men and women; individuals who went on to spread this welcome message of recovery around the world. Many visitors have spoken of a feeling of oneness with the spirit of AA as soon as they climbed the front steps and crossed the threshold. It is our hope and belief that you will too. Many once- hopeless alcoholics, Dr. Bob among them, made their first shaky steps toward recovery in this place. Walking through these rooms, we may reflect on those days in the 1930’s and 1940’s when the Smiths and their visitors spoke of spiritual matters, and reflected in gratitude, on how dramatically their lives had changed because of them.

National Honors

dr-bobs-national-historic-landmarkThe Home was named a National Historic Landmark on Oct. 31, 1985, Dr. Bob’s Home was named a State Historical Site by Governor Richard Celeste. On October 17, 2012, Dr. Bob’s Home was named a National Historic Landmark. Dr. Bob’s Home is one of only two National Historic Landmarks in Summit County and one of 73 in the state of Ohio.